January 8, 2015

          The days that followed the Epiphany, were very quiet. We passed them with university students or at Bang Yor or at the Litchiang’s garden.

          This year as father Biengta has much less pastoral responsibilities, we have as much more free time: with. But father never stop. For example, as the catechism or religious books in Lao language are rare, he takes time to translate what comes from other countries.


          Right now, for what concerning the projects to help, they are emerging more and more clearly. For the Vicariat of Pakse that would probably be:

  1. with father Biengta:
  2. a) to develop a new type of gardens to improve the garden coffee trees to Litchiang was thought to focus this year on seveu (kind of cucumber), pumkin and corn; 
  3. b) to organize a youth group (youth ministry) for this remote


  1. With father Souksavath, where youth ministry is very active:
  2. a) to organize a tailor shop near Oudomsouk;
  3. b) to fund raising their activities, young people are currently developing a ‘magnificent’ garden for growing vegetables, coffee and also have several ponds for fish farming. This place is fantastic, it is already the way it currently landscape: it will certainly become a spiritual healing center and resort for youths, adults, priests. This site is close to a beautiful river; also, water from underground sources, naturally bring the water to the fish and the duck ponds. As for me, I would like to stay there for some time, so the location is superb. I hope to have the chance to return once more before I left for Canada…


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