February 4th translation

On January 26th, I went to Louang Pra Bang (LPB): I was awaited by a teacher and a young student at the school for the deaf and mute (D&M). It would be useless to tell you that I was very well received. Immediately I went to the residence of Bishop Banchong. The next day, I went to the school for the D&M. At this time of the year the students are on holidays after completing their first semester. There were only 9 students who welcomed me with open arms. I had not been forgotten…

The next day, I went to the airport to greet the Catellier brothers: François and Ronald (Two alumni of the Petit Séminaire de Saint – Boniface). We took them to a guesthouse that we had booked for them: it was their third visit to Laos, but their first at LPB.

The next day, the 28th, we were off to the school of the D&M.  Together, from the first day we decided to repair the leaky cement cistern… or find another solution. We decided that repairing it would only be temporary so we opted to insert 2 stainless steel tanks inside the leaky cement cistern. These will offer a more permanent solution. Donations for this project came from the Catellier family. We thought that everything should be done before students return from their holidays. From the blog photos you will see that this was not so easy with the resources we had. The students who were on the spot, broke the cistern’s roof cement and cut its metal lattice.  This feat done with a sledge hammer and grinder was performed in a very short time: what a beautiful job they did.

The same day (on the 27th), we were able to purchase the two 4000 litre stainless steel tanks. It was necessary to find a way to mount them with limited resources and to make all connections. Everything was in place and in good working order by Saturday (the 28th). No longer will the school be dealing with muddy water from the cement cistern and the resulting complications. The students, the school handyman, François and Ronald had to work very hard. So now everyone is satisfied and happy with the work accomplished.

We also welcomed the parents of a French volunteer working here since the month of March 2014. We had a lot of fun with them: they strive to understand, when we throw them a curve ball with our slang French Canadian expressions. (‘Pas Pire P’en Toute) was the most difficult one to explain.    FLC

Unfortunately, today (February 3rd), Ronald and Francois leave LPB for another tour on their way to Manitoba and Alberta. But they did not go away empty-handed: dinners, gifts and awards were offered in copious amounts. We appreciated them very much and vice-versa. It was « fun » to work with them.

Father Gérard Dionne

Translation and comments in italics provided by François Catellier

raising cistern 2

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