Feb 9, 2015, translation

Since February the 2th I celebrated Mass at the Sisters of Charity and their residents girls’ house. Every day I go to school of D and M and I take lunch there, and when I celebrate with the nuns at 17:30 I eat dinner with them, and then I’m going to the residence of Bishop for the late evening and my bedtime.

            Last week, we had lot of activities with students and I, we built a room to put tools in security. The construction was made with used bricks and cement blocks and in poor condition. They finished the work on Saturday 7.

I still do the teaching for different ages: it’s always very interesting. The teaching is always made with small group of 4, otherwise it would not be easy to keep their attention.

            Feb the 6th I went to renew my visa: it will be good until February 17.

            Feb the 10 I will go to Vientiane the Capital for few days only. Then I will go to Pakse also for a few days, then it will go to BKK and Canada. I fear that these departures will be difficult for me, especially the with the deaf and mute students.

            This morning (the 7th) some students surprised me when they came to pick me up with the sister. They were almost 10 coming at the door of my residence: I was still checking the Internet. Like usual from them they are always so grateful.

            Yesterday on the 8th, I went to school for only a few hours and then we went, with the older boys at the school, to join the group of Bishop who was picnicking outside LPB. The students had the opportunity for a good swim: they were so happy.

            Tomorrow the 10th, I will go to Vientiane the Capital for few days; then it will be from Vientiane to Pakse. On the 17,  it will be the departure to BKK and Canada.

            See you then,

Khounphor   +        

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