February 16, 2016

          On the12 afternoon, we returned from Pakse to the garden at Lichieung. We went from 35 ° to 24 ° in Pakse on the board Pakson. Other years on the board, it was much cooler, between 12-16 °, night and morning was near 0 °.         

          I have not had any sleeping dressed with jacket, jacket and hat. But anyway, we had a lot of trouble starting the truck due to the morning cold. Like, for example, the last two Sundays, we had to be at Mass in the village to 08h, we only arrived at 09h30: we had to call a tuk-tuk to help the van started. Patiently people waiting for us.

          Another highlight last Sunday after Mass, young people were excited to see and try their new guitars. You should have seen their faces. As long as at electric piano, as well as the speakers and ‘microphones wireless are yet to come.

          With this acquisition I strongly feel that this will be a good way for them to meet and form a stronger community: it will not be the same for them and for the whole community. They had been so neglected in previous years due to the lack of priests.

          The morning of the 13th, we thought we finally make it in time for Sunday Mass at 08h because the truck was repaired. But no it was another problem. We had to go to the chapel in « tuk-tuk ». The Biengta father and I have been quite ‘brewed’ on a 5 kms away. But this time, it was made for 09h.

          After Mass, the youngest went to the garden while older who are preparing for baptism, the Eucharist or confirmation remained on site for catechesis and a video presentation on the life of Jesus.

          Everything continues to go well for me, nothing special to report here for. However, after returning from the mission, I learned via the Internet that my older sister Rolande had just died. We will have special prayers for her, here and at 7 Km.

          I will also send a note to the Archdiocese of St. Boniface for the priests and people of the diocese to learn and pray for the repose of his soul and prayers for the Cantin’s and Dionne’s families.

          The site of Fançois: http://www.puitsaulaos.wordpress.com

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