January 31, 2017 Translation


‘Nemesia House’ is a Catholic mission located 2 hours’ drive east of Chiang Mai, Thailand. It’s a mission that has two specific goals:

  1. Give a better life to the disabled of the nearby and remote villages;

2 Boarding school for young girls who come from close and far to grow in the Christian life, to learn trades and leadership to bring back to their village, and to go to the local school. (Quite similar to the “Séminaire de Saint-Boniface” of the 70’s and 80’s).

Typical day during our visit:

–          The morning reflection

–          7.30 a.m.: girls go to school

–          Disabled children are picked up in their villages and arrive in two waves. The employees provide physical therapy in a learning environment until 4:00 p.m.

–          4:30 p.m. girls return from school. They change and attend to various chores including feeding the pigs, poultry, ducks and fish and preparing dinner

–          Mass at 5:30 p.m. led by Gérard


Gérard arrived at the mission Monday January 23rd. Ronald and François Catellier (former “Séminaristes”) followed him on Wednesday January 25th.

Needs identified for the moment:


–          Toilet – Gérard recently provided for the construction toilets to add capacity to the single toilet that existed before;

–          Dining room 581 square feet;

–          Permanent shelter for art and crafts items made by the young girls.

On January 28th, we celebrated the Chinese new year with local residents. We had lunch twice in two different homes followed by a delicious Thai barbecue at a third residence. The Hospitality and the gratitude for the work of Sister Sivonsouk and Nemesia House staff were evident.


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  1. Laurent Paul

    *Bonjour chers amis …** **Suis un ami du Père Gérard et du Père Biengta au Laos … nous y sommes allé ensemble 2 fois !** ** **_MERCI si vous pouviez me faire parvenir les message de « Puitsaulaos » en Français !_ … c’est fastidieux d’aller en faire la traduction sur Google !*

    *Bien cordialement.** **Paul LAURENT, diacre*



    février 1, 2017 à 13:27

    • Allez au site: puitsaulaos.wordpress.com pour les messages en Français. François

      février 2, 2017 à 06:42

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